A surprise reversal of our nightly ritual

(originally written April 15, 2014) “Put on your pajamas, brush your teeth, pick your favorite stuffed animal, and get ready for bed,” Harper said. I played along, though I needed to work on a story. I found some pajamas and honey bear, who recently escaped the box he has been hiding in for years. “You guys have been so stressed out about work. We’re tucking you in tonight.” Elliott and Harper argued a bit about who would put lavender oil on whose feet, but they worked it out that Elliott... Read The Rest →

Best Year Ever

Just a couple of years ago I ended a year by wanting to kick its ass on its way out the door. I ended 2011 sharing a toast with some dear friends acknowledging that year as the best in my life. What changed? Everything. I attribute it to the people I surround myself with – people who I love, and people who inspire me. To chanting regularly. To singing. To practicing yoga almost every day (for most of the year, anyway). To cultivating positive energy. To being generous when I... Read The Rest →

Yoga Nightclub with MC Yogi

There he was at the controls in the very back of the room, wearing cords, a long sleeved shirt, and big black framed glasses. He didn’t look like he was about to teach a yoga class. He looked like a skateboarder about to terrorize a retirement community. He was already setting a tone with his playlist. I have often wondered what would MC Yogi play? And what would MC Yogi teach?

Open Studios

Today is the last day of my photo a day for a year challenge. Doing it has taught me a few things: 1. My organization skills do not exist. 2. I love taking pictures. 3. I can do one small thing a day for an entire year. Except for that one day that I lost somewhere around August 8. (I had a good excuse. My boyfriend’s son was in the hospital, for starters.) I’m printing photos like mad and inscribing them with their numbers, titles, and dates. And if a... Read The Rest →

#260 This is my world, thanks to Danielle

To say this gift absolutely blew me away is an understatement. My friend Danielle showed up to my party last month with a birthday present–a five inch by five inch shadow box that’s a little replica of my art studio. Pooka’s sitting on a plush chair that Brock made. A tiny terrarium sits on a table. There’s a calendar on one wall open to December, with the 9 in red. The photo for that month is photo of the day #220 — a picture of the spoon tomatoes I grew... Read The Rest →

#251 Winter Succulents

Walking Pooka this morning, I looked for something, anything, before I got into the car and drove to work, and from there, didn’t leave the building until after dark. It’s challenging to find an inspiring object to photograph past nightfall. I love the light and the colors of daylight. This succulent is in a window box on the side of my house. Those little feather-like seed pods fell from one of the evil trash trees in my ‘hood. I may have cut my trees down, but there are plenty more... Read The Rest →

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