#250 Fun With Terrariums

A few of us at Poor Yorick are having a Christmas sale on Friday evening. I signed up to open my studio door, before remembering that I have tickets to Beats Antique, and that it’s my pseudo birthday celebration. So, I’ll be there for an hour or so at the beginning, around 6 p.m. I’ve been playing around with cheeky terrariums, including this white sanded version with Santa chasing after one of his reindeer.

San Francisco: Rainbow Shakti Church and Coffee and Drunken Bees

How to decide which yoga class to take, or studio to visit, or even which hand-poured coffee to drink when visiting San Francisco? One Sunday morning in June I made the difficult choice (ha) of drinking both Blue Bottle and Ritual Roasters coffee in Hayes Valley before heading to Shakti Church with KK Ledford at Yoga Tree just around the corner. KK has a devoted following she calls the Kosmic Kula, or KosKul for short. My friend Dave Atlas, an Anusara devotee, is one of them. Dave told me to... Read The Rest →

#249 Self portrait in ones and zeros

Back-story: My goal was to leave work in time for a 6 p.m. yoga class. I left at 7 and realized I hadn’t taken a single photograph all day. I’ve been saving this idea for a day like today when it seemed impossible to shift from work mode to life outside. So here’s my [blobby] reflection in a light fixture in the lobby at work.

Photo a day for a year project

Two hundred and fifty days ago, my friend Tyler told me he wanted to collaborate on a project. This message carried some weight. A proposition? A one year creative endeavor? I was intrigued because that seemed like a big commitment, and I was happy he wanted to do something with me for that long. We had been chanting together for months, starting with the Ganesh mantra, and inspiring each other to stay light, to stay positive, despite our complicated past. Because despite it all, there’s so much love there, and... Read The Rest →

Moab: Easter Sunday and the Christening of Prana Yoga Trolley Square with Shiva

Thanks to Hugger Mugger Yoga Products for publishing some of my blog entries (as the Traveling Yogi). That Shiva Rea Trance Dance experience I wrote about was just half of the retreat I was able to make it to. The next day was Easter Sunday, and Shiva’s playlist was infused with Christian gospel. Surprising and intriguing! She even admitted the music was corny, but asked us to listen to the lyrics. I don’t think of myself as Christian, and have had my difficulties with fundamentalist religion in my past, but... Read The Rest →

Elephant Style

I’ve gone back to chanting to Ganesh every day, and got the courage to teach a little mantra in my basics class. We chanted Om gam ganapataye namaha (just 9 times, a nice division of 108). Tonight’s is my favorite playlist so far, I believe: Elephant Style, The Dum Dum Project Om (Invocation), M.C. Yogi Elephant Power (feat. Bhagavan Das), M.C. Yogi Ganesh is Fresh (feat. Jai Uttal), M.C. Yogi Shiva Gospel. Bhagavan Das Jaia Ganesha, The Dum Dum Project Ganesha, Wah! Within You Without You, Patti Smith Within You... Read The Rest →

Moab: Shaking it all out

Sometimes you just need to get away. Saturday my friend Danielle and I drove to Moab for the last two days of Shiva Rea’s desert retreat. We talked the whole way down, effortlessly, as we meandered down the highways of Utah, stopping to take pictures along the way–of deer antler heaven, decrepit houses and barns, yoga altars, and gorgeous majestic red rock formations–all the way unwinding. We didn’t know that Saturday night’s class was trance dance. When we found out, we weren’t thrilled. But sometimes isn’t that the way we... Read The Rest →

The soundtrack of yoga and life

Some playlists come together quickly, some with more thought. And some playlists are better than the class was. That’s how I felt about this one. Class was good, but I’m not thinking over and over again about all those upward facing dogs and cobras (the class is basics, so we spent lots of time on those poses we usually breathe through and move in and out of so quickly in vinyasa). I keep listening to this mix over and over. Very inspired by Derek Beres’ amazing list this week, and... Read The Rest →

Santa Monica: Bhakti in the Asana

Sunday Kirtan Flow class at Bhakti Yoga Shala, Santa Monica–March 6, 2011 Just a block from the Third Street Promenade in downtown Santa Monica, in a super high rent district (with a Barneys New York Co-op–enough said), sits a small studio called Bhakti Yoga Shala. Small, and more Santa Cruz than Santa Monica, this tiny studio has so much heart. I arrived early for the Sunday 10 a.m. Kirtan Flow class to meet my friend Lo (Y is For Yogini). While waiting for Lo, I watched Govindas and Radha arrive... Read The Rest →

Invoking Kali

I finished my 40 days of chanting to Ganesh and decided to move up to the second chakra with my next ritual. Svadhisthana. Water. Emotion. Creation. Kali. With Ganesh, I was seriously asking for help removing obstacles, and man, did he. One of my teachers suggested not asking anything of Kali. Approaching her with love only. I’ve been chanting om kreem kaalikaaye namaha, 108 times, every day. I’m getting my creative fire back. Taking photos, writing, and really diving into my practice. For tonight’s class we got into the hips,... Read The Rest →

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