Elephant Style

I’ve gone back to chanting to Ganesh every day, and got the courage to teach a little mantra in my basics class. We chanted Om gam ganapataye namaha (just 9 times, a nice division of 108). Tonight’s is my favorite playlist so far, I believe: Elephant Style, The Dum Dum Project Om (Invocation), M.C. Yogi Elephant Power (feat. Bhagavan Das), M.C. Yogi Ganesh is Fresh (feat. Jai Uttal), M.C. Yogi Shiva Gospel. Bhagavan Das Jaia Ganesha, The Dum Dum Project Ganesha, Wah! Within You Without You, Patti Smith Within You... Read The Rest →

The soundtrack of yoga and life

Some playlists come together quickly, some with more thought. And some playlists are better than the class was. That’s how I felt about this one. Class was good, but I’m not thinking over and over again about all those upward facing dogs and cobras (the class is basics, so we spent lots of time on those poses we usually breathe through and move in and out of so quickly in vinyasa). I keep listening to this mix over and over. Very inspired by Derek Beres’ amazing list this week, and... Read The Rest →

Invoking Kali

I finished my 40 days of chanting to Ganesh and decided to move up to the second chakra with my next ritual. Svadhisthana. Water. Emotion. Creation. Kali. With Ganesh, I was seriously asking for help removing obstacles, and man, did he. One of my teachers suggested not asking anything of Kali. Approaching her with love only. I’ve been chanting om kreem kaalikaaye namaha, 108 times, every day. I’m getting my creative fire back. Taking photos, writing, and really diving into my practice. For tonight’s class we got into the hips,... Read The Rest →

Valentine’s Visvamitrasana

Planning my yoga class for tonight, I made a playlist with some devotional songs and some goofy love songs. And only one person showed up! The class that starts 15 minutes before mine is taught by our studio’s rock star and was packed. She had roses and live guitar. It’s not a competition, I told myself. It is what is it. And it was this: me giving a private class to my ex boyfriend. He’s never come to my class before. It was just a bit awkward. 🙂 “The subject... Read The Rest →

A community is a group of interacting organisms

Last week a wave of depression nearly toppled me. Out of nowhere, I lost my grounding and felt dark and lost. That night I was scheduled to teach Hatha Basics, yet as the time approached, I wondered if I should teach, feeling that way. One simple tweet later, and within minutes I was overwhelmed with suggestions, pep talks, and support. These are the tweets, in the order they arrived. @scotta_yoga @jodim being honest, vulnerable, & open to a shift –>Just reading that, I felt my energy shift. Being open to... Read The Rest →

Today’s playlist

I subbed for a friend tonight at Shiva Centre, my favorite studio in Utah. It was a level II class, and one of the students told me before we started, “we’re experienced. We can do a lot.” I wanted to start with Ishta Diksha, the initiation into ISHTA yoga, one of the core practices from my main teacher, Alan Finger. “We’re starting with something that may be challenging in a different way,” I said. Sitting still for 15 minutes can be challenging when the room is not warm, even though... Read The Rest →

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