I met Pooka in September, 2003. In Puerto Rico, they call dogs like Pooka satos. Many people don’t bother to spay or neuter their dogs. They run wild and procreate with abandon, which may sound romantic, but they often get sick, suffer, and starve. Pooka’s nipples were swollen from recently nursing puppies, and they made her look extra skinny and pathetic. But so cute and endearing. She clearly knew how to make friends and scavenge and fend for herself.

A woman who worked with me at the Ann Wigmore Institute, in Aguada, told me Pooka had been dropped off in the neighborhood around 3:00 a.m. the night before we met her. A man stopped his car and opened his trunk. Pooka jumped out, and the man drove away. Pooka wandered down the beach and found us.

I brought Pooka back with me when I returned to the states in 2008. She is pathologically friendly. I started taking pictures of her with random strangers she befriends on walks, on outings, at parties. That’s what started the Pooka Project.

The Pooka Project

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