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Cancel Gay Pride until we have marriage equality! What can same-sex rights advocates learn from the Mormons? The director of a documentary on Prop 8 explains

Gay marriage in the heartland: How same-sex unions triumphed in Iowa, and what other states can learn from the victory

Proposition 8 made me quit the Mormon church I had been a Mormon my whole life. But after the church’s campaign of hatred to ban gay marriage, I finally renounced my membership

Let’s make a toast to failure At a South of Market “unlaunch” party, laid-off dot-com workers celebrate the start-up that could have been


Diary of a Raw Foodist

For a few years, (2005-2009), I wrote for Yoga Journal:

The Yoga Wellness Connection

Teaching Yoga in the Workplace

Facing Uncertain Economic Times

How to Set the Right Tone with Music

Learn as a Group

Pocket Full of Poses

Green Yoga Studios

Yoga Retail 101

Beyond the Studio: Retreats, Part I

Yoga Retreats, Part II

Yoga Retreats, Part III

Yoga in Schools

A Feminine Critique


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