Best Year Ever

Just a couple of years ago I ended a year by wanting to kick its ass on its way out the door. I ended 2011 sharing a toast with some dear friends acknowledging that year as the best in my life. What changed? Everything. I attribute it to the people I surround myself with – people who I love, and people who inspire me. To chanting regularly. To singing. To practicing yoga almost every day (for most of the year, anyway). To cultivating positive energy. To being generous when I... Read The Rest →

Open Studios

Today is the last day of my photo a day for a year challenge. Doing it has taught me a few things: 1. My organization skills do not exist. 2. I love taking pictures. 3. I can do one small thing a day for an entire year. Except for that one day that I lost somewhere around August 8. (I had a good excuse. My boyfriend’s son was in the hospital, for starters.) I’m printing photos like mad and inscribing them with their numbers, titles, and dates. And if a... Read The Rest →

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