A community is a group of interacting organisms

Last week a wave of depression nearly toppled me. Out of nowhere, I lost my grounding and felt dark and lost. That night I was scheduled to teach Hatha Basics, yet as the time approached, I wondered if I should teach, feeling that way. One simple tweet later, and within minutes I was overwhelmed with suggestions, pep talks, and support. These are the tweets, in the order they arrived. @scotta_yoga @jodim being honest, vulnerable, & open to a shift –>Just reading that, I felt my energy shift. Being open to... Read The Rest →

Happy Birthday Mantra

When you read or hear the words over and over, how can it not in reality be a happy birthday? The posts on Facebook and Twitter started before my birthday, and by the end of the day, I counted over 130 well-wishes. 130 plus, and that’s not counting phone calls, cards, emails or gifts. I thought back to the time before this Facebook phenomenon. My family, a few friends, and maybe a couple of co-workers would remember, since the company posts a list of birthdays each month. Imagine hearing (or... Read The Rest →

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