Yoga Nightclub with MC Yogi

There he was at the controls in the very back of the room, wearing cords, a long sleeved shirt, and big black framed glasses. He didn’t look like he was about to teach a yoga class. He looked like a skateboarder about to terrorize a retirement community. He was already setting a tone with his playlist. I have often wondered what would MC Yogi play? And what would MC Yogi teach?

A community is a group of interacting organisms

Last week a wave of depression nearly toppled me. Out of nowhere, I lost my grounding and felt dark and lost. That night I was scheduled to teach Hatha Basics, yet as the time approached, I wondered if I should teach, feeling that way. One simple tweet later, and within minutes I was overwhelmed with suggestions, pep talks, and support. These are the tweets, in the order they arrived. @scotta_yoga @jodim being honest, vulnerable, & open to a shift –>Just reading that, I felt my energy shift. Being open to... Read The Rest →

Looking back at YogaAid

Thanks to a bunch of friends, I raised $428 for Off the Mat, Into the World. The event in September brought together yoga schools and teachers from all over Salt Lake and Park City and even further south. In the intense heat of an indian summer day, we sweated through 108 sun salutations dedicated to service. I wrote a list of all my donors, plus my teachers. I set the list on the grass near my mat. I kept looking at that list and dedicated a sun salutation salutation to... Read The Rest →


I’ve participated in the Global Mala project and love the practice of 108 surya namaskar–sun salutations–for peace. This year, YogaAid did something innovative–instead of charging participants (the past Global Mala model), it built a site that, when registering participants, created a fundraising page for them. Fascinated by this whole social media for good concept, I did an experiment. I made a goal of raising $1008. Why not aim high? In my experiment to harness social media for good, I posted links to my fundraising page from Facebook and Twitter. The... Read The Rest →

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